Custom-developed Software solutions designed to boost your business's performance.

Welcome to Purple Crane, where we specialise in the art of bespoke software development.

In a world filled with off-the-shelf solutions, we craft software that is as unique as your business itself. 

We bring clarity and unlock the value of data for your business.

Our journey with you begins by gaining a deep understanding of your specific needs, allowing us to create software solutions that are not just robust and scalable, but perfectly tailored to elevate your business.

What's important to us?

At Purple Crane, we understand the importance of delivering better customer experiences, strengthening partner relationships, harnessing the power of high-quality data, unlocking increased capacity, and providing the flexibility your business needs. Our software solutions are designed to deliver these essential values.

Ideas are contagious.

We have a knack for finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Our coding solutions are not only efficient but demonstrate a clever and ingenious approach to problem solving.

Our team can bring clarity to your business through innovative software solutions carefully crafted to drive efficiency, optimise processes and improve customer experience.


What does good
software look like?

Good software is one that meets the needs of its users, performs its intended functions reliably, and is easy to maintain.

Increased efficiency that automates repetitive tasks, streamline processes and optimises workflows.

Reduce costs by automating tasks, removing the need for physical storage.

Enhanced productivity meaning teams can achieve more in less time.

Minimise errors with software that performs tasks with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.

Scalable software that can handle increased data volumes, user loads and complexity without impacting performance.

Valuable data and insights are ‘unlocked’ enabling data driven decision making through analytics and reporting tools.

Positive user experience leading to increased user adoption and satisfaction.

Faster innovation that can adapt to market changes.

Secure, compliant and robust protecting data mitigating risks and maintaining data integrity.

Business growth facilitated by data that uncovers trends, patterns and insights informing strategic decision making.

Our Services

Bespoke software development is exactly that, bespoke. Every project, every business, every solution is different. Often, the challenges are remarkably similar.

Purple Crane have worked closely with us for over 10 years now, implementing major enhancements to existing systems and developing small systems for us. I continue to be impressed with their ability to understand my customers' needs and convert them into working systems, with their quality and with their flexibility when it comes to project schedules. They have grown to become a vital part of the extended development team here at Inchcape.

Good software can
elevate your business