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Bring Me Sunshine: A Positive Impact on Zero Carbon Farms

AgTech is not just a thing, it is the future of sustainable farming. Our client, Zero Carbon Farms, created a technologically driven underground farm beneath the streets of London. Complete, real-time control over the subterranean environment ensures the perfect summers day, every day. And with that, the demand for data grew, too… Could

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The ABC of AI

Whether we like it or not – and as software developers, we can’t help but be excited by innovation – AI is here and likely to stay. Not everyone is thrilled at the prospect. Some fret about existential threats and Skynet, the terrifying digital enemy in the Terminator franchise, others focus purely on

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Software Creation: Building the Perfect Analogy

We are Purple Crane, software developers who create bespoke software products for SMEs. These products and applications improve what our customers do and how they do it. With decades of experience – and happy customers – behind, and a future of constant innovation ahead, there’s just one problem. How to describe what we

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SMBs? Meet Software Development 2 Go!

We make creating sell-on software simple. Often the stumbling block between marketing success isn’t so much the inspiration as the knowledge or expertise to deliver the product you have in mind. But both of those qualities are out there if you just know where to look. Budgets are getting ever tighter as, conversely,

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Five to Thrive: Planning IT for Q1 and beyond?

Spring has sprung (as it always does) alongside a new budget year’s (similarly inevitable) arrival. So, as SMEs set budgets for the next Q and beyond, where should they focus technology spend? There is no one size fits all solution, but our ideas – and next steps – could inform your discussions. 1/

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Independence Day?

The development process is an iterative process riddled with more snakes than ladders. But maintaining your standards matters more when you’re a stakeholder in the solution’s success. You care because it’s yours. So, why do so many independent software vendors (ISV) outsource to external providers? This month’s blog considers a few reasons –

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