Development Pathway

Your path to Innovation .

Experience tells us the challenge businesses face is aligning their vision with the technical feasibility of the service and market demand.

Technology can feel heavy.  It doesn’t need to be.  Our ‘listen & capture’ workshops are all about your business and what you want to achieve.  Leave the technology to us.

We ensure that products not only reflect the overall vision but are practical, scalable and are likely to succeed in the marketplace through our development pathway.

Development Pathway

Listen, Capture & Replay .

We are interested in your business.
Our team listens. We ponder.

Businesses can describe the business challenge.  Draw it on a board, show us the report, describe the output they want to see.

We work to understand the underlying business challenge, speak to staff, design effective solutions, and replay these solutions and scenarios to our customers.

A collaborative relationship from the start leads to innovative solutions and better results.

The team at Purple Crane will replay the project’s aims and objectives describing what the problem aims to solve and the opportunity it seeks to seize with solutions and ideas.

This provides a springboard to enable prototyping to begin.

Development Pathway

Prototype &

Agile ways of working are second nature to us.  It enables the Purple Crane development team to take customers on the journey with us.  

As Andy Rix says, “it’s not us who will use the systems day to day.  It needs to be right.  It needs to be fit for purpose”.

We often refine or enhance the original idea making it more impactful and unique.

Sometimes, we simplify. Other times, we present options and scenarios and work with customers to choose the best solution in line with timescales and budgets.

Then, we show our customers.  Show them a prototype or ‘walk through’ the process.  Then customers see our ideas in action.

We prove the concept, and prove the idea. That’s when the magic starts to unfold.

Development Pathway

Craft &

We communicate complex technical concepts and describe intricate code and programming principles in an understandable way, as we go.

Resourceful and creative in our approach, the team find innovative solutions that are highly valued by our clients. Intuitive solutions that cater to the business needs of users. 

The coding and ‘lifting’ are left to the Purple Crane team and customers actively participate in regular reviews.

The Result:

Intuitive interfaces and user experience that reduce steep learning curves for users, enhancing overall usability.  

Daily tasks become more streamlined and enjoyable with a robust code base taking the strain.

Development Pathway

Release &

Years of experience means that our quality control measures, code reviews, testing and ongoing maintenance delivers a reliable and secure service or product.

“We have systems that run for years, in fact decades.  A good engine that is well maintained is reliable.  Livelihoods depend on it, and we are very conscious of that” Chris Bond.

Development Pathway

Support & Maintain .

We always ensure that solutions are scalable, ensuring that code and infrastructure can handle future growth.

Our code is well-documented and follows best practices.

Clean, transparent, maintainable code.  Maintained by the Purple Crane team or handed over with documentation.  (Like a well looked after car – full service history!).

I would be more than happy to recommend Purple Crane to any company in our industry looking for a dedicated team with a professional and supportive outlook to assisting customer projects.

William Mcdonald

Doublelink (uk)