Digital Thinkers

Digital Solutions.

Andy Rix and Chris Bond met developing code. A long time ago! In an office in central London. 

One Tuesday afternoon, they decided to set up their own Software Development Agency. Coders at heart, they have always been determined to deliver the best solution for end users. Nothing gives them greater pleasure than finding a solution to a problem or finding a more efficient way of doing something. 

The agency continues to grow. 

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Cups of Tea

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Lines of Code

Why Purple Crane?

We looked out the window and saw a Purple Crane.  


As simple as that.

Why Green?

Well, if you stare at the Purple Crane logo for 30 seconds and then focus on a white space, the green turns purple.  An optical illusion or an ‘afterimage’ to be precise.  One of our clients is always intrigued by the green but says it’s testament to how we work. 

She describes us as ‘deep thinkers who you can guarantee will come up with an innovative solution that no one else ever thought of’.

For us, that’s the fun of what we do.

Did you know that the estimated error rate when manually inputting data hovers around 3-5%? What does that mean for your business?