Software: The Hard Sell. Big Business Questions for Small Enterprises

If you’re a software-driven business – and most of us are – your choices can make the difference between success or failure for your enterprise. Whether you’re a vendor or end-user, we can help.

In terms of British business, size isn’t everything. While the financial pages’ commentary is invariably focused on the household names, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) underpin the UK economy. 

They dominate the enterprise landscape. The Federation of Small Businesses maintains that the 5.6 million SMEs businesses account for 99.9% of the business population. But the failure rate is daunting. Reasons believe 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, and 50% after five, include flawed business models, and marketing initiatives. 

The right software – or core application – can really help get you off to a sustainable start. Purple Crane build software for start-ups and SMEs, the foundations on which our clients build and have learned a lot over the years. These are the big four problems we’ve seen them face in creating a fit-for-future software platform.

“It makes no business sense to pay for features you don’t need while missing out on those you do.

Overloaded internal team

Sometimes, when you’re running a business, it’s a straight choice between servicing your own needs or those of your customers. Our suggestion? Let us develop your softwarecreate the core systems, or build the web and mobile applications that take your business forward while you get on with servicing your customers. 

Unsatisfactory outsourcing company

No one loves your company like you do and outsourcing does not always work out. If the government can get it wrong, so can you. But we get it. Outsourcing your development work to us means access to senior developers, budget-friendly options which sometimes can include fixed fees, and a high-quality product. 

Inadequate mass-produced software 

Your enterprise is as unique as the people who work there – which may just be you. Your USP won’t be the same as anyone else. It’s not called a Unique Selling Point for nothing. So, why accept the same software as everyone else? Let us build something that works for you alone. 

Software from Ground Zero

Maybe you already understand the benefits of custom-made software; that your company can only expand as far as the parameters of its software. Perhaps you appreciate that it makes no business sense to pay for features you don’t need or miss those you do. But knowing you need something and getting it are not the same thing. 

But you do know where to go because you’re already in the right place. See who we’ve helped, what we can do for you, and let’s get started. 

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