Don’t Waste your Post-Covid Lightbulb Moment

It looks like the marketplace is now thriving with start-ups and SMEs looking to make something of the new normal. Purple Crane are good guys to know…

This article from the University of London blog, the London Connection, cites an interesting statistic. Because while Covid’s ravages on the UK economy are clear, there is a minor upside. Entrepreneurship is on the rise. 

Maybe that previous job no longer exists (this Simply Business report, the Cost of Covid, suggests the pandemic has cost £126.6bn, nearly double projected a year ago) or the would-be self-starter has undergone a Damascene moment in deciding to strike out alone. 

Your inspiration has spotted a gap in the market, a business need you can meet, a problem to solve, or an opportunity to exploit. Whether you jot your idea on a napkin, jump on Google to see if anyone else has thought of it first, or just go straight to Companies House, as Entrepreneur Europe magazine notes, success is not a given. 

Unless your plan involves donkeys and Morecambe beach, technology will play a major part in your new start-up. Indeed, a form of technology might be your idea. So, it’s time to move beyond just inspiration and build something more substantial. 

Purple Crane – nurturing your flame  

A Purple Crane project brief begins with your lightbulb moment. A thorough consultation session that lifts the bonnet on your thinking, considers what you want to achieve, and the business processes and technology that will get where you want to be. 

Even at an early stage our experience means we can already suggest costs and advise how you might develop existing solutions to meet your future needs. 

But what if your idea is a solution itself? A new way of doing something more quickly, efficiently, or using automation to remove human error from a key process. Perhaps it’s the solution that underpins the groundbreaking business idea itself? Maybe you have a potential partner looking for technology support? Uber was just an idea once. 

Making tech work for you

As your technology partner, Purple Crane can take your technology idea from feasibility study through to proof of concept and into a funding-winning prototype. We can map a path forward that will allow your business idea to flourish and reach full potential. 

Purple Crane understands how the power of technology can help good ideas become solid businesses that succeed, in whatever market they happen to operate. We fill the space between an in-house resource, and outsourced technology help. 

As your technology partner, we can be there to help you with the strategic stuff around business growth, and potential new functionality or hosting options. We can even tell you how to do the thing with the thing on your new application.

Consultation is where the journey begins. Let’s make it today. 

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