The Power of Multiple Applications

Sometimes, no matter how transferable the innovation behind many applications or software solutions may be, it’s difficult to imagine them in another context, or industry. But that risks missing an opportunity to add value to what you do, whatever your line of business.

What does progress look like?

Sometimes progress needs a leap of imagination to get going.  Often it’s a little re-engineering. Someone to look at all the disparate parts, something Andy loves to do.  To build and maybe re-engineer a system that makes a business run more efficiently.

Many industries are using custom software to increase efficiencies, often by simplifying the process management function to reduce the risks of missed actions.

There are common themes in all businesses.  Functionality might include:

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Workflow management (with management by exception)
  • Transactional and reporting database
  • API integration with external applications
  • Configurable programmable document production

That’s the rationale we applied when working for this live music booking agency.  Disparate processes that could be automated and synced where appropriate, making the work more efficient and more pleasurable for teams to use.

This included:

  • Performer and promoter contact management
  • Event management and overview
  • Ticket sales monitoring
  • Intelligent contracts production
  • Tour planning
  • Financial management

We integrated disparate systems and put transferable technology to work, automating key repetitive functions.

The key was to take the useful functionality from an existing application and make it bespoke to meet the specific industry needs of this customer. Some of the added value features include: 

  • An innovative, flexible search function instantly locates details of artists, promoters, venues, and contacts with other roles (e.g. make-up artists, sound technicians),
  • A managed workflow for individual performances, festivals, and tours ensures event planning, contractual arrangements, and uses a prioritised notification system to remind agents and assistants of actions.
  • Users have an overview of upcoming events for single artists or groups of artists in a calendar view configurable to each agent’s way of working.
  • Pre-event ticket sales can be recorded, and real-time differentials presented as an important input to the marketing strategy for concerts, with consideration into purchasing trends of specific nationalities. 

What about you?

If you are looking to drive your business forward, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

The game changing innovation you need will combine the one-size-fits all features of our most proven applications, while adding the sector-specific functionality you need to make it work for you. 

Let’s talk. 

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