The Cost of Technical Debt in Software Development

Cutting Development Costs? Have you been in one of those meetings and seen teams who: Cut corners to meet deadlines? Find solutions to save costs without looking at the long-term impact. It can all lead to debt.  Financial and technical. While it might seem like a quick fix, the long-term impact of technical debt can […]

Software Development and the Dreaded Code Bloat

Code bloat, a common issue in software development, can significantly impact a business by reducing application efficiency and maintainability. It often stems from over-engineering, where developers add unnecessary features or implement overly complex solutions. Copy-paste coding leads to redundant code and increased maintenance efforts. Overusing large libraries or frameworks, which are minimally utilised, bloats the […]

The importance of Agri-Tech for both Farming and Technology.

The value of data is there whatever the sector.  And there is an increasingly important role for Agri-Tech and Digital Twins in modern farming methods. A visual representation can provide virtual representations of physical assets, processes, and environments through digital twin technology. A digital twin empowers farmers to manage their land more efficiently, make informed […]

Why Prototyping Matters in Software Development

When someone approaches us with an idea, we want to ‘prove it’ first.  Why? It saves them time and money. If the idea doesn’t work, it’s best to cut it quickly. And if it does work? We plan the next stage of development to scale it, receive customer feedback and make it the best that […]

Software Creation: Building the Perfect Analogy

At Purple Crane, we craft software products for SMEs, entrepreneurs and business owners. These products and applications improve what our customers do and how they do it. No business customer commits money to a technology purchase without knowing what it is or does. So, for manufacturers and vendors, explaining why their product or service solves […]

SaaS for Business Owners

We make creating SaaS (software as a service) easy for business owners.  Easy for those with the ideas.  Innovators can leave the technical solution and heavy lifting to us. We find that often, the stumbling block between marketing success isn’t so much the inspiration as the knowledge or expertise to deliver the product you have […]

Five to Thrive: Planning IT Budgets

As SMEs set budgets where should they focus technology spend? There is no one size fits all solution, but our ideas – and next steps – could inform your discussions. 1/ Cut costs – if you can Sounds obvious, but where – and by how much? Inflation is driving the cost reduction strategies of 39% of […]

Independence Day?

The development process is an iterative process riddled with more snakes than ladders. But maintaining your standards matters more when you’re a stakeholder in the solution’s success. You care because it’s yours. So, why do so many independent software vendors (ISV) outsource to external providers? Picture the scene. It’s Monday and your team is busy. […]

In sum trouble? Or excelling?

Excel and Google Sheets are great, aren’t they? As popular with receptionists as researchers, and students as statisticians. Supported by MS or Google, what could possibly go wrong? Funny you should ask. Excel is not just a passive list builder, it’s the go-to for anyone looking to glean insights from, organise, or just create a […]

The Power of Multiple Applications

Sometimes, no matter how transferable the innovation behind many applications or software solutions may be, it’s difficult to imagine them in another context, or industry. But that risks missing an opportunity to add value to what you do, whatever your line of business. What does progress look like? Sometimes progress needs a leap of imagination […]