Our work

Case Management on behalf of Train Operators.

Merging human behaviour with advanced workflow.

Case management is driven by two things: human behaviour at the outset and specific tasks to prosecute a human action against specific criteria.

An understanding of this human element enables us to process cases or incidents, guiding them systematically from initiation to resolution, through a case management workflow.

The variables are not quite endless but the nature of human behaviour can make it seem that way at times!

Thankfully, the back office system we designed uses an intuitive workflow against set actions to drive specific results.  Our expertise involves directing this process on behalf of well-known train operators.

For passengers who avoid paying their fine, the processing of the fine, the appeal and potential court hearing must be processed efficiently and diligently against set parameters.

The demands are unique and ever changing.  Changes in legalisation, operational changes and access to data sources means that a workflow system for the transport industry must also be adaptable.

ITAL CIO Nick Wilson reflects on his experience working with the Purple Crane team.

Andy finds the best solution that integrates with the wider systems and processes; he takes a holistic view every time.

That’s what we pride ourselves on.  We don’t leave the solutions to our clients.  We find the best solution to solve the challenge. 

The team take a holistic approach to workflow management.  How will the system be used by the range of ‘players’ from Revenue Protection Officers, Back Office Staff to Senior Management who use the data to drive reports and decision making. 


We look for add ons to make life easier; what would happen if we linked systems in a particular way?  Cost and time savings are always at the forefront of our solutions.

Over the course of 10 years we have built a flexible system to efficiently handle the unique and evolving demands of the transport industry. 

It changes, it adapts.  So does our solution.

What’s more, the system is repeatable should new customers take the service.

We try to think of every eventuality to enable our customers to grow in their specific market. 

The result

We try to think of every eventuality to enable our customers to grow in their specific market.

Human-Centric Design

Tailoring case management systems to align with human behaviour and task-specific requirements.

Streamlined Process Flow

Implementing intuitive workflows for systematic case progression from initiation to resolution.

Adaptive to Complexity

Addressing the seemingly endless variables of human behaviour within case management.

Holistic Approach

Considering the diverse needs of all users, from train Revenue Protection Officers to Senior Management, for effective decision-making and reporting.