Our work

An extension of your
in-house team

Software development and support that scales with your business.

Businesses change. They reorganise. They evolve and grow.

When Inchcape’s Head of Software Development approached us, the business was going through a period of change as most businesses do from time to time.

We stepped in to provide outsourced IT services, functioning as part of an external IT department for the business.

We provided:

What is it like to work with Purple Crane?

‘…the truth is, we just click.’

Graham is thankful for the ongoing relationship that Inchcape has with Purple Crane, one that started in 2008.  As a business, Graham has consistently come back to us with our consultancy led approach that always begins with ‘careful listening and innovation and solutions that are always grounded on what works commercially’.

That is the beauty of what we do. We work with businesses and find solutions that are pragmatic and as Graham says, ‘the Purple Crane process isn’t overly bureaucratic. It is pragmatic and reasonable.  Code is handed over our technical team’.   

We work as part of the team.

Projects have varied in size and type from a rewriting the complaints system to designing the vehicle management system that are both core to the business operations. 

We work with Graham and his team understand the business challenge and match a solution to help the business run smoothly operationally.  

Businesses change. They reorganise. They evolve and grow.

We are happy to be part of that journey.

The result

We are happy to be part of that journey where we ensure:

Seamless Knowledge Transfer

Ensuring continuity and future in-house management capability.

Trusted Partnership

A long-term, understanding relationship with Inchcape.

Practical Solutions

Delivering effective, commercially viable IT strategies.

Facilitating Growth

Supporting the business through its evolution and growth.

Other Work