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Elevating Grant Applications into Effortless Digital Journeys

Transforming traditional manual paper-based processes into conversational online workflows that are a pleasure to use.

‘When entrepreneur, Chris Beer came to see us back in 2008, he was conscious that he didn’t have a technical solution in mind.  He knew what the result needed to be but didn’t know (technically) how to achieve it.’

His vision was clear:

The success criteria:

Responsive, configurable & robust.
Oh, and a pleasure to use.

We worked with Chris to turn his idea into a reality by crafting a carefully considered specification that proved to be flexible and scalable long term.

Chris found what he called a ‘natural home for his ideas’. He worked to articulate his vision that was translated into a well thought through specification and a scalable product that underpins not only Chris’ business but provides a valuable service to Councils and claimants across the UK.

A means tested questionnaire became a conversation. A UX that is enjoyable to use and designed with an end user in mind who may be completing the form from a place of stress and discomfort.  The software is structured in such a way that it drives answers to get the most comprehensive results. Pop-ups prompt and flow back into the questionnaire and it never times out.

The system was developed that delivered configurable questions; not ‘hard coded’ creating a dependency on Purple Crane. In fact, the complete opposite. We worked with Chris to ensure he was self-sufficient and could make the changes himself (Chris who says himself, ‘lacks technical nouse and ability’). 

Chris reflects on the journey; and it’s not one riddled with bugs and frustrations!  ‘It’s been smooth and collaborative. The software continues to evolve and a system that can be tweaked to meet the needed of end users. Government legislation drives change and sometimes at short notice.’

And day to day, what are Purple Crane like to work with?

…what is most impressive is Andy’s tenacity and ingenuity to find a solution.  He will find the best way to solve a problem.

It is very clear that Andy enjoys working with ideas.  He takes what seems like an imprecise use of language and replaces it with a technical solution in layman’s terms with a sophisticated solution in mind.  He goes out of his way to clarify and replay solving the problem as the customer sees it.’

It’s a process that has been tested (and works).  And delivers value.  Both revenue for Chris and a product that has the end users at its core.


Elevating the forms process with Innovation

Intuitive Design

Easy-to-use grant application software tailored for complex needs.


Translating client ideas into effective, user-friendly applications.

Lasting Impact

Providing enduring value for businesses and their end-users

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